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Church Blog (Page 3)


On Sunday morning, near the end of the service, we had the beginnings of some good conversation around the area of government … what it could, or should look like; what system of government can deliver the best and most just outcomes for the people; with a general election looming ahead, who will be leading our country for the next three years; what part do we need…

Musing from India

In the past couple of months I have felt a little overwhelmed by the enormity of evil and general chaos, environmental damage, social injustice that seems to prevail in every direction I look. I have been thinking about how two key Biblical teachings on personal disciplines, turn out to be also very sound advice endorsed by the ‘evidence’ base of scientific…

This week’s service (12/3/17)

Deborah Lewthwaite will be leading our service at Ilam School Hall and Peter Hart will be speaking on Gospel of Mark: 9:29 – 10:52: Gathering Storm. We will be hosting a BBQ lunch following church to welcome any new students. Please bring a salad or fruit to share if you are not a visitor.