Who we are

Who we are

We are part of the Baptist Union of Churches in New Zealand and have been in existence around 25 years. We meet mainly in the suburb of Ilam in Christchurch, right by the university, although our church family (about 100 adults and over 70 teens and children) is made up of people who live all over the city.

Our intention is to be a living expression of God’s love, reflecting God’s purpose to reconcile all people and creation to God.

We try to achieve this through worshiping God together (“Going Deeper”), nurturing and caring for one another (“Getting Closer”) and expressing God’s love to those inside and outside the church (“Reaching Wider”).

There are five words which guide the way we develop and grow together:


  • Striving to be a family and community where everyone (regardless of age or background) experiences grace, feeling loved and wanted, connected to each other through a shared love of God, his people and his creation.


  • Affirming each other in our joys, sorrows, struggles, strengths and weaknesses, thereby allowing our true selves to be known so that we can be Christ for each other.


  • Participating together in community life and in so doing discovering and using our gifts, and drawing out and developing our strengths and passions


  • Grappling with our understanding of theology and of our place in God’s kingdom, endeavouring to discern how best to live and serve in a Christ-like way


  • Demonstrating God’s love outside the church and family in our workplaces and communities, as well as overseas, through mission, creation care, commitment to social justice and ethical living.